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The fear of the dental chair and the anxiety that builds up when you are waiting for your medspa appointment is something we all dread. To give you a royal treatment, Dr. Ambereen Suhrwardy has come up with the perfect complimentary services to cope with all such unwanted situations. She has always prioritized your comfort above everything else, and so these relaxing services are here to make your day. Don’t miss out on them, book your appointment now and let us take care of you.

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Enjoy FREE Spa Services To Relax Your Mind

More often than not, patients book their appointment for medspa or other dental services in between hectic schedules. This means that the more they sit in the waiting room, the more agitated they get. However, the complimentary services that we offer are a surefire way to overcome restlessness while also ensuring that your skin becomes healthier, brighter, and smoother.

Our complimentary service umbrella includes:

Warm Towels

Warm towel compresses have been known for their amazing benefits on the face. The warmth of the towel doesn’t just serve as a way to relax. It reduces scarring and bruising on the skin. It can also promote blood flow which - in turn - will promote skin rejuvenation.

We offer warm towels to all our clients so their waiting time can be productive. It also kickstarts the skin therapy. Some other benefits of warm towel therapies include reduced muscle soreness and increased healing. The warmth also works wonders to open your pores and cleanse the skin from dirt and surface layer impurities.

Eye Massager

One of our most loved complimentary services is an eye massager. While people normally run away from incorporating an eye massager in their skincare routine, they love to get pampered with it at our clinic. And why shouldn’t they? The relaxing movements of the eye massager around the eyes and temple are perfect for relieving all the tension and stress.

The soft and gentle movements of the eye massager alleviate the stiffness built up around the eyes due to excessive use of phones. It also promotes blood circulation and decreases hyperpigmentation, along with being the best tool to combat dark circles.

Warm Eye Masks

We provide all our clients with warm eye masks to let them rest and imagine they are in a secluded place that's just for themselves. The warm eye masks can help your mind relax. We are sure your eyes will be grateful for such a warm break from the hustle-bustle and screen time of daily lives.

Warm eye masks are great for improving the function of oil and tear glands. They also help in stabilizing the tear film and preventing dryness and irritation in the eyes.

Under-Eye Collagen Patch

To improve your experience at our clinic, we will also provide you with an under-eye collagen patch. We all know that a collagen mask or patch is the perfect way to instantly treat your eyes. The collagen patch has tons of benefits for the eyes.

In addition to moisturizing your under-eye, collage enhances healing and skin elasticity. It decreases the appearance of aging lines and wrinkles. It also reduces puffiness around the eyes. The under-eye collagen patch is a key element in the youthful appearance of all our clients.

Paraffin Hand Wax Treatment

Who doesn’t love getting their hands massaged and treated with paraffin wax? The treatment is quite simple. Paraffin wax is heated, and once melted, we apply it to your hands. We let it cool down for a few minutes and then remove the wax layer. The wax eliminates all the dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells from your hands, giving them an instantly brighter look.

Sit back, Relax, And Avail the Perks

The “spa-like” complimentary services make for a unique and exhilarating experience for our clients. We create an environment of peace so you can achieve total serenity and take full advantage of the services we offer. Don’t wait anymore and book your appointment now to avail these services!



  • Eden_praire_dentist
    Terry is, as always, fantastic! Caring, and professional. Love her. Please keep her as long as possible.
    Fay S
  • Eden_praire_dentist
    Very happy with your services. From the time in the door to out the door I have never had a better experience at a dentist office. Very caring group of specialists
    Anna A.
  • Eden_praire_dentist
    Very professional and informative. Dental Assistants were great. Made you feel welcome. Everyone was friendly and happy.
    Daniel V.


1Is the wax harmful to my hands?
Paraffin wax doesn’t have any serious side effects on the skin. It is a harmless wax, yet we still make sure to use it properly to prevent any damage.
2Do I have to bring anything to my appointment?
No, all these services are complimentary. We provide all the things necessary for these services. Just bring yourself and get ready to de-stress.
3How often can we avail these services?
The complimentary services are provided with every appointment. You can avail them whenever you visit us.


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