In-House Anderson Lake Discount Plan

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In-House Anderson Lake Discount Plan (ALD plan)

If you don’t have any type of insurance for yourself, no need to worry. Our In-House Discount Plan is for you. This plan is best for the individuals who are self-employed or have not been insured by their employers. If you already have insurances, then you are not eligible for this type of plan.

What it costs?

Prices are figured at a yearly rate, and are as follows: $350 for persons 14 and older, $299 for persons 13 and younger.

What is included ?

The plan includes the following services at no additional cost to you

  • Comprehensive exam a year
  • Regular dental cleanings twice a year
  • Periodic exam a year
  • Necessary x-rays annually
  • Emergency exam a year if needed
  • Fluoride treatment a year for kids under 12 years

In addition to the above listed services, all other services will be offered to you at a 20% discount off of our regular fees. Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no excluded services, waiting periods or deductibles.

How do I sign up?

You may contact our office at 952 942 0823 and ask to sign up for the Anderson Lake Dental Plan (ALD Plan).

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