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People might think that facials don’t require proper certifications. However, that’s not true at all. Every kind of facial has a different approach, even if all the steps are the same. So, experience and understanding of the real methods are imperative to achieve the best results. That’s why we recommend that you opt for facials by Dr. Ambereen Suhrwardy. She has vast experience and knows all the methods that can help in improving your skin conditions. Go for her and get hold of the top-quality products that ensure glowing, brighter, and healthier skin.


What is a Facial – unlocking the best traits

A facial is a skincare treatment that comprises of multiple steps and various techniques to cleanse and exfoliate your face. It is one of the best treatments to remove excess oil buildup, dirt particles, dead cells, and toxins from your skin.

We live in a world where our lives are constantly rushing towards achieving one thing or another. This has made our bodies accept - and even learn to embrace - the stress, anxiety, and the constant tiredness we feel.

It’s a deal we have made in exchange for a bit of satisfaction when we tick off one more thing on our long to-do list every day. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions today. Is it healthy? Absolutely not!

Hence, we highly recommend facial treatments to release the stress from your body in addition to getting rid of all the toxins, oil, and dirt buildup from your skin.

Facials from Andersonlake result in brighter, healthier, and fresher-looking skin. That’s not all, though. Our best quality facials will make your skin better from the inner layers, improving blood circulation and promoting the formation of new cells.

Here are some more fast facts about facials:

  • It is a multi-step treatment that works to cleanse and restore youth to your face.
  • It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because it not only relaxes your face but your body too.
  • There are different kinds of facials. Some include low-tech devices, while others require high-technology and special licenses.
  • Personalized facials can help us treat your skin better because we target particular flaws and conditions through them instead of just general cleansing.
  • The best time to get a facial is autumn. The transition from warm weather to a chilly one makes your skin dehydrated and irritated. Facials can help your skin through the transformation.

Even though Secret RF microneedling is most commonly performed on your face, you can also get microneedling treatments on other problem areas, like your décolleté.

How Are Facials Performed?

Facials might sound like a piece of cake. It’s just a bunch of products being rubbed on your face, isn’t it? Well, no.

At Andersonlake, a facial involves a proper aesthetic and skin care treatment that requires knowledge about facial anatomy and the right techniques to do it. Our steps include taking your input first so that you get to enjoy everything as expected. The important steps here involve:

1. Consultation

Consultation is an extremely important step that assists your facialist in understanding your skin and guides you through the process necessary to rejuvenate it and make it healthier. Our experts will start by getting to know your daily routine, the food you consume, and the amount of water you drink.

We will also ask personal questions related to your health and skin conditions. This also helps us know how often should you get a facial. If you want a personalized facial, you must tell us everything so that we can plan accordingly.

2. Cleansing And Exfoliation

Facials start with a light cleansing where we apply a small amount of cleanser on your face and massage it gently. We massage in different strokes around your eyes, around your lips, up and down your nose, and along your forehead, jaw, and neck. This removes dirt and excess oil from your skin.

For exfoliation, we either use light exfoliators or facial scrubs. The product is composed of beads that aid in the removal of dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads from your face.

3. Steaming And Extraction

Following exfoliation, your face is steamed up through a steamer. The steam can open clogged pores. The heat also dilates your vessels. Blood flow will increase, which will make it easier to remove all the toxins from your skin.

After steaming up your face, a tool is used to extract blackheads and whiteheads from your face. We know it hurts a bit. But we promise to take care of your face and you by using gentle pressure during extractions. Yes, exactly the way we perform tooth extractions too!

4. Mask And Serums

Before finishing up the facial, it is important to make sure your skin is deeply cleansed. For this, different kinds of facial masks are used. It depends on the condition of your skin. Some people prefer a generic hydrating mask, while others ask for chemical peels.

To seal the deal, we finish by putting a serum on your face. We pat it lightly so that your skin can absorb the serum completely.

Highlighting the exclusive benefits of our Facial suite

Unlike invasive medical procedures to brighten up your skin, a facial is a simple, non-invasive, yet equally powerful procedure. Now that you know how facials work to remove impurities from the face, your must also understand what are the benefits that you get through a facial at Andersonlake.

  • Facial massage will assist your muscles to relax and release the tension they have been holding. It also improves blood circulation.
  • Most products used in facials have anti-aging properties. They promote collagen formation, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate worry lines.
  • Our facials can help you experience improved skin conditions
  • The Facial masks used at our clinics can give your face extra energy, glow, and hydration.

Be ready to welcome Brighter And Healthier Skin

You can use different skincare products on your skin. However, our experts use gentle hands and top-quality facial products to detoxify your skin. We promise instant results. Your skin will appear healthier and brighter after just one session with us. What are you waiting for? Your search for the best “facial spa near me” ends today. Consult us to get a facial you will remember for a lifetime!



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1How much does a facial cost?
We offer a variety of facials and different packages. Contact us today to get a proper cost estimate according to what you want.
2What is the best facial treatment for me?
Every skin type is different, with varying conditions and needs. Only after proper consultation we can tell you about the best facial treatment for you.
3Are facials really worth it?
Yes, they are! Facials can help fight many skin conditions. They relax your muscles and improve blood flow to the face. Your skin will definitely thank you for getting a facial treatment.
4Isn’t exfoliation bad for your skin?
Exfoliation isn’t bad unless it is done in excess. What’s bad is using harsh scrubs and chemical peels with no knowledge about them. This is why we recommend letting the professionals take care of your skin.


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