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You surely don’t want to look older than you are, and so Microneedling is the answer to all your woes. It serves as your rescuer so that you can conveniently say goodbye to wrinkles, scarring, and aging. And to give you a royal treatment, Dr. Ambereen Suhrwardy uses her perfect skills and experience in microneedling to give you fresh skin that will speak for itself. So call us today and get the youthful look that you deserve.

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Your Skin’s Rebirth through Microneedling Treatment

Over-the-counter skincare is not always the best solution for your skin. Sometimes it comes with great side effects; hence if you want flawless skin, then you must ensure that you take the right steps towards making your skin glow. One of the most innovative ways to achieve the look you desire and do away from scars and wrinkles is through microneedling.

You might have heard about microneedling treatments. People think it is a painful process; however, this is a great misconception since the procedure is designed to fix your skin to its original perfection.

Many ask what is rf microneedling? We tell them it is everything you need at Anderson Lake. Our clinic is home to some great specialists who are well experienced with microneedling procedures. So far, we have successfully helped many clients who were suffering from broken skins, scares, and blemishes. We are here to free you of the unwanted elements that have covered your skin.

Microneedling is the best form of Collagen Induction Therapy; hence if you are worried about your skin and those blemishes that are making you feel awkward around people, or the sun has not been kind to you, then jump onto the microneedling bandwagon and get a microneedling appointment from us.

At Anderson Lake, we are committed to making all our clients look flawless and beautiful. Our experts are the best in the industry. We don't just hire for the skills; we also hire them to have the right attitude of providing our clients with everything they need until they are satisfied.

At our clinics, we use microneedling treatments that are all FDA approved. We never experiment on our clients but rather provide only safe and effective measures.

Why Should You opt for Professional Microneedling Services

There are too many microneedling advantages for your skin. At Anderson Lake, we have specialists who do things differently and offer you cutting-edge solutions. So, contact us right away and reap the benefits of glowing skin. Let's dig deeper into how our microneedling services are beneficial for you:

Improves your skin lines and wrinkles

Wrinkling is a common problem in men and women, and there is no escape from it. The skin is constantly exposed to UV rays. Also, the aging factor adds a few fine lines on your face or body, which are inevitable. But this does not mean you need to make peace with them. You can always spare yourself from these wrinkles with our professional microneedling plans.

Fixes uneven skin tone

When we look into the mirror, we are often confused with the zebra patches on our bodies. This results from extended exposure to the sun and can be an unsettling sight. But can we fix it? Yes, at Anderson Lake, all your skin problems can be addressed easily. Just choose our microneedling procedure package that best suits you and get a skin that will make you the showstopper every time.

Tightens the Skin

Sometimes, when we lose weight or just age, our skin starts to sag. This is normal when we go through different bodily changes. However, the good news is that microneedling can help you fix these issues in a jiffy. So if you are wondering about microneedling near me, then don't wait and get your first appointment with us.

Reduces stretch marks

Have you given birth recently, and the stretch marks don't go away? You miss wearing a bikini or tank top, but the marks make you feel super insecure. We get you; although embracing these marks is another form of beautifying in motherhood, if you are unsure about them, you can reduce the appearance of the marks through microneedling.

Lessens Pores

If you have very enlarged pores, you can start reducing them with the help of microneedling; this will allow you to get rid of your inflated pores and give your skin a very smooth and fresh look.

The in and outs of Microneedling

You might be wondering what microneedling is? Microneedling involves inserting fine and short needles in the skin for skin punctures. This process is useful in many ways to rejuvenate your skin in no time. Needles are pricked into the skin to injure the surface very slightly. The skin then responds by producing collagen-rich tissues. When the skin is repaired, it comes back with a better and even tone.

Many people ask how much does microneedling cost? We want to tell our clients that we have customized plans that suit your budget. Each microneedling session is tailored to the specific area that needs perfection on your body.

Lots of people ask how long does microneedling last? It can take a few microneedling sessions, but in most cases, the results are instantly visible and last for long if the skin is maintained properly.

What do studies say about Microneedling?

Did you know that microneedling has proven to be super effective for your skin? A study by Aust MC et al. showed that a microneedling session would significantly enhance a 400% increase in collagen if done four times a month apart. This means your skin will become fresh and young in only a few weeks, and that is some great promising results so far in the medical aesthetics field.

Two Steps To Shine.

At Anderson Lake, Microneedling is one of the best things you can get done for your skin. No need to wait anymore because now you can easily get to know your options through a free consultation with us, so call us right away and schedule your session with us.



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1What kind of relief can microneedling give to patients?
There are many benefits of microneedling. It helps provide relief from wrinkles and stretch marks and does wonders when it comes to tightening the skin or lessening the depth of acne scars.
2Does Microneedling hurt?
This is just a myth; at Anderson Lake, we ensure that our clients do not feel any pain when receiving the treatment.
3Who can go for microneedling?
The treatment is perfect for anyone who has acne-prone skin. If your skin has spots from the sun, you can go for microneedling; however, those who may have Keloid should refrain from this treatment.
4How long after microneedling can I wear makeup?
It is advised that you let your skin breathe for a little time. Most aestheticians recommend that you wait up to 48 to 72 hours before applying makeup.


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