Periodontal Splinting

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Teeth are susceptible to becoming loose due to a number of reasons. These reasons can include the loss of supporting bone or a gum disease. As the teeth become increasingly loose they can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, especially when biting or eating. Splinting is used to stabilize teeth and to prevent them from moving. Our doctors will access your condition before deciding whether you require splinting or not. A fiber ribbon splint is commonly used in the treatment as it is very comfortable.

How Adult Teeth Become Loose

Teeth can become loose due to a number of reasons, most commonly due to bone loss or gum disease. The loss of proper attachment can also cause ligament damage.

Symptoms of Bruxism

  • Heavy bite force
  • Gum disease
  • A combination.

Benefits of Periodontal Splinting

Periodontal splinting can be practically and aesthetically beneficial for a patient. Splints help delay and prevent tooth loss, especially if a patient has loose teeth. If a patient’s teeth are suffering from excess stress, splinting can help prevent that as well.

Splints help stabilize teeth, securing them in their appropriate place. This, in turn, helps an individual’s bite mechanism to work more efficiently as it even spreads the bite pressure. Splints also help to avert other complications such as bite collapse from developing.

It is important to get a checkup from a professional to get the best advice on what should be done. Loose teeth do not always require splinting as the treatment can be temporary. If the periodontal damage is too severe then the teeth may need to removed and replaced as splinting is simply not enough to support them.

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