Nobody wants to look old with more wrinkles on their faces than the hair on their heads. We can, however, beat old age with the right treatment and guidance. This is exactly what Juvederm fulfills. Juvederm is a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid.

As we age, our faces sag and wrinkles form around our mouths, cheeks, and eyes, giving us an old and wrinkly appearance. Injectable Juvederm fillers add much-needed volume to the face, particularly around the cheeks, eyes, and mouth, resulting in restored facial contours and reduced signs of aging.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm refers to a variety of gel-based fillers that are all used to improve the signs of aging. Each product contains a different concentration of bonding and hyaluronic acid. They have a smooth, gel-like texture that helps to add volume to the face. Each of these products specifically targets different issues when injected into different facial areas.

How Does Juvederm Work?

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body. However, as we age, our facial tissues begin to lose that. The active ingredient in Juvederm injectable fillers is hyaluronic acid, which adds volume to the facial tissues, making the face appear hydrated, supple, and youthful. Juvederm is injected into the desired treatment area with an ultra-fine needle to replenish lost hyaluronic acid. This causes the body to produce more collagen and elasticity to restore face structure, add volume, smooth wrinkles, and laugh lines, and appear more natural and youthful.

Preparing for your Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that is completely safe and effective. This treatment requires little preparation and planning and can be done on the same day as the consultation.

Some medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and St. John's wort, must be avoided before the consultation and treatment day. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as smoking, is also prohibited. Failure to avoid it may result in bruising and swelling.

The certified physician will consider your treatment goals as well as the look you want to achieve. To avoid mistakes, they will use a pen to mark the areas that will be treated. Your doctors will gently inject Juvederm into the desired area to reduce the possibility of swelling and to ensure that the product is distributed evenly.

The process takes only 30 minutes to complete.

Areas commonly treated with Juvederm

The following are some of the most common areas treated with Juvederm:

  1. Cheeks
  2. The area around the mouth
  3. The area around the nose
  4. Lips

Juvederm Risks and Side Effects

Mild swelling and bruising are to be expected during the first 3-5 days following treatment. Lips are particularly prone to bruising, so they may take longer to heal. Other possible side effects include:

  1. Redness
  2. Lumpiness and bumpiness
  3. Pain/tenderness
  4. Itching
  5. Discoloration

Juvederm is a completely safe procedure without any serious side effects. However, an unqualified doctor injecting the fillers in the wrong part of the body could lead to complications such as permanent scarring, vision abnormalities, blindness, or stroke. This is why it is extremely important to get your treatment from certified and experienced doctors.

What to Expect After a Juvederm Procedure

Following the injection of Juvederm fillers, the next 24 hours should be spent without any strenuous activity, sun exposure, makeup, or alcohol. Juvederm has been approved by the FDA with results lasting 1-2 years.

With Juvederm fillers, you can achieve a younger, more natural-looking appearance with fewer wrinkles and increased volume to look plump. Injecting Juvederm fillers is a delicate procedure that should only be performed by physicians who are certified and licensed to do so.

We have certified cosmetic specialists at Anderson Lake Dental who can enhance your appearance with carefully injected Juvederm. Contact Anderson Lake Dental if you want to have Juvederm fillers injected in Eden Prairie, MN, and make it worthwhile.


How long does Juvederm take to work?

After the swelling subsides following treatment, the skin begins to appear smooth, plump, and voluminous. Juvederm usually takes two weeks to work properly.

Is Juvederm injection painful?

No, it does not. Juvederm injections contain a trace of the anesthetic lidocaine, which helps to reduce any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

How long does Juvederm take to work?

The effects of a Juvederm treatment usually last 9 to 12 months, after which an individual usually requires further appointments.

How much does Juvederm cost in Eden Prairie, MN?

The cost of Juvederm varies on a case by case basis, and only becomes clear after a dental examination. Book your appointment with Anderson Lake Dental to screen for dental conditions you may have and get a quote for your Juvederm treatment.

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