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White Filling


What Are White Fillings?

Not long ago, dentists used silver amalgam fillings made from silver-tin alloy, copper and mercury to cover the decayed tooth. Today, composite resin is used for a more natural looking appearance.


What Are White Fillings Made Of?

stock-photo-at-the-dentist-choose-white-of-teeth-and-finish-prothesis-130905467White fillings are made of composite resin, a material that’s made from a mixture of glass beads, acrylic plastic, quartz fillers, and colorants. Some fillings are made from true porcelain. They’re more natural in appearance, resistant to wear and tear, and easier to polish.

How Long Do White Fillings Last?

stock-photo-patient-having-dental-checkup-with-ultraviolet-light-at-dentist-s-clinic-89778124This largely depends on the type of filling used, the area covered under the filling, position of the tooth, etc. The patient’s diet and oral hygiene also plays an important part.